Rock climbing is more than just an activity you might enjoy on the side of a mountain. You can easily find wall-climbing and bouldering activities that are all indoors. These are awesome for putting in a good workout, challenging yourself, or just having fun on the rocks! 

Check out these 4 surprising things about bouldering that you might not know!

Build Skills Indoors

Did you know that a number of famous rock climbers out there didn’t teach themselves to climb outside? The majority of them learned how to climb by using indoor climbing gyms to practice and improve their skills. 

The nice thing about climbing indoors is you can change your course any time you want. You can challenge yourself, you can practice, and you can always improve. You’re in a sheltered area so weather is never an issue for climbing. 

Most people don’t just grab their gear and head out to the rocks without first having some sort of practice or training under their belts, and using an indoor climbing gym for bouldering is the best way to do just that! 

It’s a Great Workout! 

Climbing and bouldering is a great way to burn some calories and get a workout in. This really is a total body workout – if you don’t break a sweat, you aren’t challenging yourself enough!

Rock climbing, including indoor bouldering, has been shown to burn up to 900 calories in an hour’s worth of work. That is pretty incredible! The best part is that you don’t actively feel like you’re at the gym or doing a hardcore workout. You’re probably going to have way more fun with this type of exercise!

Bouldering indoors challenges you physically and mentally. You will need strength and you will need to be able to problem-solve to complete a climb. 

Olympic Sport!

Rock climbing finally made its debut in the Olympics with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. In the sport, 20 males and 20 females were tested based on their bouldering quality as well as speed and lead. 

It’s a popular sport among youth and young adults and the Olympics continue to improve in these areas. There was some negative feedback about the decision to add bouldering to the Olympics, but we think it’s a great step to be made in the sport! 

Improve Balance, Coordination, and Motor Skills

Bouldering doesn’t just have to be for adults. It can be great for children, too. Of course, it’s really pretty great for both. Here’s the thing: bouldering can help to improve as well as develop skills like balance, coordination, and fine motor skills. 

The sport teaches you how to move your body and balance your body with movement. You learn coordination of hands and feet and hone these skills as well. On top of all of that, it’s a socialization opportunity for adults and children alike to meet new people and make new friends with similar interests. 

Join Us for Bouldering! 

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