Bouldering is a great exercise for both the mind and body. At a bouldering gym, you can practice your skills in a safe environment with other climbers around to offer insight and tips. But is having a membership to a gym worth it? After all, there are plenty of rocks around in most locations. Bouldering gyms provide a multitude of benefits that climbers of any skill level can receive. Everything from equipment to the community can help climbers build their bouldering skills and improve their climbing journey.


The greatest benefit of a bouldering gym is the safety it provides. Out in the wild, you’ll need to make sure you have all the proper safety equipment, especially crash pads. A gym, however, is guaranteed to have them and will ensure they are maintained properly for continued safety. If you go out on your own to climb and realize you forgot something, you’ll have to return home (or risk an unsafe climb). If you show up to a gym without the necessary equipment, however, you can rent what you need on the spot so you aren’t missing out on valuable climbing time. Climbing gyms help you stay safe and let you fully enjoy your climbing experience.

Course Design

Yes, there are rocks and boulders almost everywhere. However, the majority of them don’t have proper holds or courses for you to work on. The bouldering courses at a gym are specifically designed with climbers in mind. Your gym will have a variety of courses to choose from. Each course will be made for different skill levels, so you can work up for a challenge or work down if you need a calmer day. The courses at your gym will have the holds you need to complete the climb, and the staff will make sure that the course is well-maintained and safe for your adventure.


Going to outdoor bouldering places is a good way to meet other climbers – as long as they are there when you go. At a gym, however, you’ll find more opportunities to meet new friends and climbing partners. Not only is there a higher volume of climbers at the gym overall, but climbing gyms also regularly host community events and special nights to help foster a sense of community. The bouldering community is friendly and open, and joining it through a gym is the best way to be involved.

At Blocworks, our leaders and staff are dedicated to providing a safe, challenging, and fun climbing experience. If you’re looking for a high-quality bouldering gym where you can improve your skills and be part of a warm and welcoming community, then stop by to take a tour of our facilities and learn more about our bouldering programs. We’re always happy to help climbers of any skill level build their passion for bouldering in a safe and friendly environment. If you have any questions or would like more information, give us a call at 405-225-6090.