Indoor rock climbing gyms are great places to learn and practice your climbing skills. However, not all climbing gyms provide the same features and support. Some gyms have bouldering caves and larger walls, while others only feature small walls and top rope areas. With so many options to choose from, knowing how to find the best indoor climbing gyms can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you begin searching for a climbing gym in your area.

Decide Whether You Want to Buy Your Climbing Gear

Purchasing climbing gear is a big commitment. Typically, it’s best to have shoes, harnesses, exercise clothing, rope, chalk bag and chalk, and other climbing tools. As a beginner, renting equipment may be the better option for you. Safety is critical for indoor climbing, and rental equipment goes through a lot of wear and tear. Be sure to ask the gym staff how often equipment is repaired or replaced.

Once you become an advanced climber, purchasing your gear makes more sense. If you fall in love with your climbing gym – and the sport of indoor climbing in general – start buying your gear over time. But when you are looking for a new gym in your area, check if they offer equipment rentals to start. Plus, renting is the perfect option for friends or family who want to try climbing! At Blocworks, we have daily and monthly shoe rental options.

Understand Your Skill Level 

Understanding your base skill level is essential when searching for the best climbing gym in your area. Consider how regularly you plan to use the gym. Look up how many walls or skill areas are in the gym. Check their pricing model and see if they have day passes or monthly payment options. At Blocworks, we have monthly and yearly pass options available. 

Setting a baseline of your skill before committing to a gym membership or buying passes allows you to customize your gym experience. As you research gyms in your area, pay a visit or reach out to the staff. Doing so enables you to ask questions, learn the gym’s atmosphere, and ensure gym staff members are knowledgeable and safe. 

Define Your Climbing Goals

Many climbing gyms offer classes and training to level up your skills. Other gyms have a variety of equipment available for rent. Some have both! Before choosing a climbing gym, define your goals for the sport. Do you want to be an advanced climber? Or simply get a good workout? If you are going to focus on bouldering, find a gym with a large bouldering cave that allows multiple climbers at once. At Blocworks, we have bouldering routes for a variety of skill levels. All skill levels are welcome! 

Plan Your Visit to Blocworks

Once you understand your skill level and commitment to the sport, choosing a climbing gym is easy. At Blocworks, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment with bouldering for all skill levels. Our team plans regular community events and competitions so you can find your community here. Plan your visit to Block Works in Edmond, Oklahoma today!