Finding activities to do as a family isn’t always easy. You want something that is fun for all ages while also providing an enriching experience. If you’re looking for fun family workout ideas, give bouldering a try. Bouldering is a great exercise for both the mind and the body. There are courses for all skill levels and ages, making it an awesome bonding experience for families of any combination. Whether you’re part of a group of adult siblings looking for a fun night or you’re looking for a way to help keep your kids healthy, bouldering is perfect for the whole family.

Bouldering for Kids

The younger kids are, the more attuned they are to picking up and retaining new skills. Getting children into bouldering is a great way to help them stay in shape and build muscle. Bouldering courses also require the climber to exercise their mind to find new routes and methods for solving the course. By introducing bouldering to your children, you get a fun bonding experience that sets your children up for a healthy and exciting future.

Bouldering for Teens and Young Adults

Teens and young adults can also reap the benefits of bouldering courses. Not only does bouldering help improve their muscles and problem-solving skills, but it also helps them build community. Finding other teens and young adults who boulder is a fantastic way for your family to make new friends and find a sense of belonging. The bouldering community is regularly considered one of the most welcoming and friendly communities in sports. Getting teens and young adults into bouldering helps them stay healthy while making long-lasting connections that build their self-esteem.

Bouldering for the Elderly

Bouldering is a great way for elderly family members to stay fit and have fun as well. Unlike rock-climbing, bouldering doesn’t require the use of a harness and rope, so there’s no additional pressure on the climber’s body. Boulder courses are also much lower to the ground, and beginner-level courses especially are lower and safer to climb. Elderly family members can have fun climbing around with younger family members on low-impact courses. By doing so, not only does the whole family bond together, but each family member works toward keeping their body fit and healthy.

Family Workout Ideas at Blocworks

Spending time with your family is good to start with. Spending time with your family where everyone is having fun and getting a good workout is even better. At Blocworks, we have a variety of family workout ideas, including bouldering and rock climbing. We have courses and events designed for all age groups and all climbing levels. If you want to spend a fun day or night out with your family, come check out our facilities or give us a call at 405-225-6090 to learn more about what kind of fun we can provide for your family.