Well, it’s finally here. I have wanted to do this for a long time. Moments with members is where I sit down members of Blocworks Climbing Community and get their story. Disclaimer: I’m not the most articulate man on the planet and I’m by no means a grammar expert.

But, what I do love is hearing peoples stories and making sure the community I’m dedicated to feels inspired to join in or press on. The climbing community is so diverse, so welcoming, so adventurous. It’s hard to think of other sports where the playing field has all ability levels pursuing progress side by side.

I hope you are inspired by this small glimpse into these members lives. A lot is said during these conversations that isn’t included in this short recap. A lot is also left unsaid. The joy in that? Find these members on the pads and ask the questions you want answered. We hope this helps you FIND YOUR PATH!

Besides being a rock climber, who is Tyson Hill. Where’d you grow up and what blew your hair back as a kid?

So, I originally grew up in Duncan, Oklahoma. In high school I was pretty involved doing things like wrestling, band, football and yearbook- year book is the weird one haha. Fast forward and I’ve now been married for 2 years this coming December and graduated this summer with a degree in Forensic Science and Psychology. I currently work in young adult ministry at a local church and on campus at UCO.

Besides climbing, what are your favorite hobbies?

I’m a drummer, that’s for sure my biggest hobby and I love playing music. That and just hanging out with people. It’s what I do all day at both my jobs. 

How long have you been climbing, where did you start, and who dragged you into it?

I’ve been climbing since February of 2022 and I started here at Blocworks. There’s a free lunch at UCO on wednesdays called FLOW (free lunch on wednesdays) and a couple of friends who would go were also climbers. They actually invited another friend of mine and I was like “yeah, that sounds rad I’m coming too.”

Was the thought of starting climbing intimidating to you?

I mean, for me, I’ll kind of try anything. I wouldn’t say I was intimidated by it. Really I was thinking I don’t know anything about it and I’m not sure how good I’ll be.

What has been the most challenging part of climbing?

I think it has to be the mental side of it. Like, you always hear people say trust your feet or trust certain holds and moves. That’s been the most challenging part is getting over this idea that I can’t do it or I’m going to fall. Just pushing through mentally to the next hold or the next foot position and seeing if you fall.

Most Rewarding?

For sure seeing improvement in strength. It’s always fun to muscle through certain climbs. To be like “I did not climb that the right way but I could just muscle through it.”  Yeah, it’s really rewarding seeing improvement in strength.

Favorite thing to do after a hard climbing session?

I’m going to have to say…and this is probably a stupid answer, but getting a Yerb on the way out (YERB: affectionate slang for yerba mate). I love having cold things when my hands hurt. The bluephoria yerba is definitely my go to after a hard session.

If you could go climb anywhere in the world where would you go and with whom would you go with?

Dude, I have to say Yosemite. I’m a big research guy and after watching all the documentaries about climbing, going to Yosemite with any of those lead people in the films would be legit. 

What did you want to be as a kid?

FBI Agent. I was a big Criminal Minds guy haha!

5 words that come to mind when I say the word ‘Blocworks’.

Community, Fun, Sweaty, Frustration, Conversation.

How do you see climbing being a part of your life in 10 years?

Dude, I hope I’m still coming to Bloc twice a week. I would love to put some more time into big wall stuff. In 10 years I’d love to be lead climbing but no matter what I want climbing to be a big part of my life. It’s just so much fun- favorite new hobby for sure.

Why should people try climbing at Blocworks?

I would honestly say that there are two sides to it. The community side says “come get plugged in and find awesome people who will talk to you and be your friend.” And then also the workout side of it. It’s a good fun workout because it’s not only testing your muscles but also your brain.