Rock climbing is a popular sport that many participate in to build muscle and grow their creative problem-solving skills. But it’s not the only climbing activity that can do that. Bouldering is another popular option that is just as good for both the mind and body. It’s essentially rock climbing stripped down to the bare essentials, just you and the course. While the two sports share a lot of similarities, bouldering has its own unique flavor that makes it a favorite among many.

The Difference Between Bouldering and Rock Climbing

In rock climbing, you’re strapped into a harness and attached to a system of ropes that help provide safety if you fall. This equipment is necessary because rock climbing involves scaling a tall climbing course to reach your destination at the top. Bouldering, however, keeps you low to the ground and is often more focused on moving sideways rather than up and down.

Because there’s less physical harm if you fall, bouldering doesn’t utilize any harnesses or ropes (you do, however, use crash pads to help cushion your fall). Because there’s less risk of falling, bouldering courses encourage you to try out new techniques and find different paths to solve the course. This helps encourage climbers to think creatively about how to proceed.

How Bouldering Builds a Healthy Mind and Body

Bouldering, just like rock climbing, requires you to rely on both physical strength and mental fortitude. Solving a bouldering problem means figuring out your best path and having the techniques you need to climb it. Working these courses requires climbers to build not just muscle but core strength as well. Balance is often more necessary in a bouldering run than in rock climbing.

Because everyone has a different body shape and climbing technique, there’s no one specific path to take while bouldering. Each unique problem can have a dozen unique solutions. When you find one solution, you can challenge yourself to look for other ways across, which keeps your mind engaged with every climb.

Joining the Bouldering Community

The bouldering and rock climbing community is always open and welcoming to new climbers. If it’s your first venture into the great climbing world, you don’t have to be nervous. Veteran climbers love sharing their tips and techniques, and everyone appreciates the new ideas and fresh ways of thinking new climbers can bring to the table. When you start your bouldering adventure, you’re bound to find a group of friends to share it with.

Bouldering Gym in Edmond, OK

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