Start Climbing

All memberships and passes give gull access to the gym. We also offer discounts for secondary and additional members on your account, so bring the whole family!

Boulder With Us

Blocworks is the premier bouldering gym for the Greater Oklahoma City area. Here, you will find routes that are changed every month, hands on training, weekly events, special monthly events, and an unparalleled community ready to have fun climbing with you.


Trying something new can be intimidating. We make it easy! Because we’re a bouldering gym, the only equipment you need is climbing shoes and chalk, THAT’S IT! Our climbing hold colors indicate each climbs’ difficulty. This makes our gym super fun for the first timer, and gives you a tangible way to progress as a climber! If it’s your first time, we have affordable options to meet the needs of all climbers.

Try bouldering

Our walls are small enough to fall onto pads instead of being caught by ropes. This means no course is required to enjoy the laughter, strength and community Blocworks offers.

Youth Programs

Ages 5 – 18


WE are an epic charter schools approved vendor

From drop in day passes to our USA Competition Climbing Team… we have something for all kiddos! Check out this video about our most popular program, Club, for ages 5-16 years!!

Equipment Gym

When you want to mix up your workout routine or take a break from bouldering, we have equipment you will love!

Our blocworks gym features rowing and stationary bike equipment to either give your arms a break, or strengthen your core and upper body. This equipment is available to all members! Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:45p or 8:45p for BlocFit, a FREE group workout designed to improve your climbing strength in a fun community environment!


  • One concept bike
  • Two concept rowers
  • Additional accessory fitness equipment available to level up your climbing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing that does not require a harness or a rope on climbs that don’t go that high. Our walls are typically 13-14 ft. tall. Our flooring is a giant squishy pad to soften the impact from falls while bouldering. With bouldering, it’s fun to fall!

Bouldering provides a challenging and exciting workout: not only physically, but also mentally. It is an activity that teaches problem solving skills and how to overcome an obstacle. To complete the route, climbers must figure out how to move their body and use various shaped holds in order to reach the top. Once a route is completed, climbers experience a sense of success and accomplishment simply because they completed a route they were unable to complete before.

Do you allow groups?

For groups of 10 of more climbers please reach out ahead of time. We offer private facility rentals on Sundays from 6-8p.

15% discount is available for 25 or more climbers.


Can I host a Birthday Party at Blocworks?

As much as we love a good time, we don’t offer birthday parties.

What age do you recommend kids to start climbing? Do you have a kids climbing program?

We believe climbing is for EVERYONE! Not only do we have children as young as 5 years old having a blast on our walls, we also have dedicated Youth Programs for ages 5-16 years!

Blocworks is not a playground. All climbers must share the space safely with other customer and behave accordingly. Climbers under 15 years of age must be under adult supervision at all times.

Where do I park?

Blocworks prides itself on the district it belongs to. With restaurants, breweries, shops and so much more, Downtown Edmond is such a great place to spend a day with friends and family! Parking spots are found on the street and in nearby lots. Please see this map.

What do I wear?

Like any physical activity, climbing requires flexibility and strength. We recommend athletic apparel that allows for full range of motion. For most children socks are also recommended.

We require shirts to be worn at all times.

Do I need any special equipment?

Climbing shoes, chalk bags and chalk are the only equipment we recommend for Blocworks. Chalk is not required but helps maintain friction and grip, similar to gymnastics.

We offer rental shoes at a day, or monthly rate.

Loose chalk and chalk balls are available to purchase at the gym and are not available to rent.

Can I drop my child off?

No. All children must be supervised by an adult at all times while they are in the climbing space. If you are unable to supervise your child while they climb, consider enrolling your child in one of our youth programs .

We truly believe climbing is unique in that you don’t have to be bleacher parents for this sport. That means put some shoes on yourself, and climb with your family!